$5 Friday: Clouds E2E

$5 Friday

Ahhhh Summer! Who doesn’t just want to be outside right now? I’ve been working on a few quilts, and it’s hard to stay in the basement quilting when it’s so hot and sunny outside! Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too? Well, we decided to try, so we’re bringing the gorgeous outdoors to your quilts! We LOVE this E2E because it is so useful for SO many quilts!

Get the Clouds E2E here:


My kids want to do lemonade stands all summer long! What kid doesn’t? So lemonade was my inspiration for your free coloring page and new designs in the SVG shop! Just click the image to get your coloring skills going!

Lemonade coloring page


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy JPG


When life gives you lemons JPG



Fresh Juice JPG

Time for me to get back to summer quilting, sipping on lemonade, and enjoying the sun! Hope your all enjoying your summer!

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