$5 Friday: SW Sun E2E

It’s hot! Finally! We’ve had such a long winter that I am welcoming the heat. When I go outside now I’m reminded that I live in the desert, which lead me to this weeks $5 deal. We have LOTS of fun Southwest patterns, but I wanted to choose one that’s never been in club. Our Southwest Sun E2E was perfect!

$5 Friday

Click here for this must have $5 deal, and also to see an example of this E2E quilted out!



The new SVG shop is getting ready for the Grand opening NEXT WEEK! Yeah! Here is what I did with our SW Sun E2E, and turned it into a cut file. I chose the “Livin’ the Dream” quote because of my research on the SW sun symbol. The Sun image often means “Earth’s Guardian” or something similar. It represents healing, energy, and in some cultures is considered to be the giver of life.

Livin the dream JPG for advertisement

Livin the dream

Stay tuned for our June Masters Club post. Masters Club this month includes detailed and explicit instructions for our patterns, and the quilts can be done as a whole cloth OR a purchased pattern. You’ll LOVE them! Thanks everyone!

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  1. Oh, this SW Sun pattern is fantastic! I’ve used it a number of times and it always stitches out beautifully and looks awesome! Customers love it and I do too! 🙂

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