$5 Friday: Snowman E2E

Christmas is over, but winter isn’t! If there’s any joy  in the chill and cold of winter, it’s got to be building a snowman. Your January quilts couldn’t be any cuter with our Snowman 2 E2E!!

5 dollar Friday

Get the Snowman 2 E2E here:


Since this is also our Friday before New Years, we thought we would give you some fun things to start the New Year with! A fun printable made with our Snowman E2E to frame for your parties, and a New Years coloring page to keep the kids busy, and voila, your New Year is starting off right!

Snowman Printable

Our New Beginnings quilt set is always a favorite for us to share at the start of a New Year. I’ve designed this coloring page with the outer pieces of the New Beginnings set, and a fun snowman center combined to create an adorable addition to our coloring pages.

New Years Coloring Page

Happy New Year and New Beginnings to everyone! There’s something refreshing about the start of a new year. Maybe that’s why we love the “New Beginnings”. It’s like a book full of blank pages just waiting for new goals, fresh starts, and new ideas!

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