Fills and thrills

Our annual sale is a fabulous time to get those fill sets that help you take your quilt to the next level, and really impress you customers!  Fills add a new dimension to your quilt and highlight a focal point to give it the wow look that judges are looking for. With our fill sets, we like to give you several sizes so you can match the density in the different shapes. One of my all time favorite fills we’ve created are the Wonder Fills! Wonder Fills really to make your quilt look magical with their 3-dimensional look! Here is a Carpenter star quilt outline using our Wonder Fills around the star…

Here are just a few samples of the many Fill Sets we offer:

Curls and Pearls fills pg 1
Curls and Pearls Fills
Wonder Fills pg 1
Wonder Fills
Bubbles Fill A pg 1
Bubble Fills

Click on each page to view them on our website. We also offer Line Fills, Ripples and Pearls Fills, and Crosshatch fills!

Now why I called this post “Fills and Thrills”! It’s time for the “thrills” part@!  We finished decorating our home for Christmas last weekend, and while I was surfing Pinterest I came across a few fun framed quilts with a Christmas quote on it!

I thought it was such a fun way to celebrate the holidays, but also show off what you love, so I’m giving you a free printable with the Carpenter Star Diagram we drew above!

carpenter star quilt christmas printable framed

You get two options for your home design! Just click on one of these images to download your printable and frame it!

carpenter star quilt christmas printablecarpenter star quilt christmas printable 2

Happy Holidays, and don’t forget, our annual 50% off ends this Saturday, so be sure to get your fills today!



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