Turkey place mat revisited!

Last Friday we mentioned that the Turkey Place mat would be our last $5 Friday until after the sale. Don’t worry,  $5 Friday will resume Dec. 1rst exactly! I loved the Turkey place mat so much I wanted to make a few for our Thanksgiving dinner. So, I took my mom to the fabric store. I learned a lesson about that one! We will NEVER leave!  We will also end up with LOTS of ideas in our heads, and then going home and revising the Turkey place mat so you have even MORE options!

I didn’t want to paint my place mats, although that’s an adorable option, I was more interested in showing off the quilting a little better. Give my mom an idea, and she takes it to the limits! She is so talented, she redesigned the Turkey to say “Gobble till U Wobble” around the Turkey, and even created a new, custom, border and corner for it!

First, the fabrics…oh how I love the fabrics we chose! Maybe that’s why I couldn’t get Nancy out of the store!


Once we put it together, we were so excited to get it on the machine and begin!


Quilting is done now, binding lastly and VOILA! We have one of my favorite things to decorate our table this year!



The new Oak leaf Border and corner she designed for this is SO fun!


A few more fun pics of how cute our table is going to look this year!


Add your place mat to your wish list and get this cutie for a great deal at the BIG sale coming up! Normally $25 for the set, but during the sale Masters Club members will get  it for 75% off and EVERYONE will get it for 50% off!

Click the image below to view this on our website and add!!!

Turkey Place Mat 2017

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