Masters Club Monday: Masquerade Party

This months club included patterns for the Masquerade Quilt by Carla Klop. The Masquerade masks for this quilt were so fun to design. There are designs for two different layouts.

We love the look of our Wonder Fills and our Bubble Fills in this quilt. Did you know we have both of these fills as sets available on the website? Fills are a great patterns for use in spaces needed on a quilt! So far we have designed sets for Wonder Fills, Bubble Fills, Windee Fills, and many more are coming!  The Bubble Fill Set is NOT included in any Masters Club!  Here are the two pages of our Bubble Fills Set.  This set has 49 patterns that can be used to fill around shapes or blocks that you want highlight. The bubbles in this set are all between 1/4 and 1/2 inch in diameter these are blocks not P2P’s.

ALL of our Fill sets are available as a set, but also individually!

Last but not least, our Free Printable. I decided to design a Masquerade party printable invitation that you can fill out the details of! I’m sure you have someone in your life you’d like to throw a Masquerade Birthday party for right? I do! That’s why I made these!

These are designed to print as a 5×7 invitation. I sent my to Costco and had them printed onto nice card stock, then filled them out with a calligraphy pen. Can you see our Wonder Fill Masquerade Mask in the invitation? Enjoy!

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