Masters Club Monday: Dancing with fills

Fills are a great way to fill and highlight different shapes on a quilt. We have designed some pretty cool fills available in our store I must say! Last month for Masters Club we introduced you to our Windee Fills. Some of these fills were part of club last month, however we have a brand new set for everyone, not available in any club. With our new “Windee B Fill Set” you get 79 patterns! Here is what’s available in this set:

You can find this set on our website here:

We are pretty excited about this new set even though it’s not part of any Masters Club. June Masters Club patterns are getting ready to be released this week though and we have some surprises for Masters Club members!!

May Masters Club also had one of my favorite E2E patterns yet. The Ballerina shoe E2E. I had to design something for a little princesses wall who WILL be dancing someday! So, here’s your printable this week with our Ballerina Shoe E2E. Make sure you watch next Monday as we introduce our June patterns!


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