$5 Friday: Curlicue E2E

Hopefully everyone got their “Proud to be an American E2E” for only 5 dollars! The next few weeks our family will be helping our sister and her family move away. Why oh why do family members move out of state? She has a pretty good reason though, her husbands job. Luckily she will only be gone for a year, but we will still surely miss them. I am putting together a photo collage of different family pictures for her, and in the center is a quote that uses this weeks $5 deal! Enjoy them both this week! Get the Curlicue E2E here: https://www.digitizedquiltingpatterns.com/shop/product/curlicue-e2e/

and the printable here:


2 responses

  1. HELP!!  I really love the curlicue E2E but it doesn’t seem to come up as a $5 Friday design on the website (unless I messed up and didn’t put it in correctly)  I am a Masters Club member and usually get the $5 for a little less (but happy to pay $5 because it is an awesome design and  already have a quilt that I know it would look beautiful on!!)  Let me know what I can do to get the $5 Friday Curlicue E2E, please.  Thanks!! Hugs,  Sharon


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