Masters Club Monday: Memorial Day

Did you know that Memorial Day was long known as Decoration Day for the practice of decorating graves with flowers, wreaths, and flags. The name Memorial Day goes back to 1882, but the older name didn’t disappear until after World War II. Federal law declared “Memorial Day”, the official name in 1967.

Whatever the name, today is the day Americans are enjoying their freedoms thanks to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Our memorial day sign you see above is made with an 18 inch frame we designed for the beautiful Potomac Star quilt by Jinny Beyer.  This adorable frame can also be used as  a Border Corner for any quilt. The Potomac Star quilt was included in July 2016 Masters  Club.

Today we are giving you a free coloring page of our Potomac Star layout.

You can view the Potomac Star quilt set on our website here:

There are so many fun pieces designed for this quilt that can be used in other quilts.

Today, enjoy time with your family and friends, but most of all recall the liberty that is always the achievement of courage!

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