Masters Club Monday: Born to be Wild!

So I’m helping my sister plan a Jungle themed baby shower for a family member of hers. As I was searching through our patterns to use for invitations and nursery decor, I realized, we have a TON of cute jungle themed designs! This pretty much got me “wild” with excitement to search for Jungle themed crib quilts. Jungle quilts are adorable and I found some free quilt PDF’s on Riley Blakes website, like “Life in the Jungle”.

Whether it’s a little Tarzan or Jane on the way, we have the E2E pattern for you! If your wondering about which months club these patterns were in just click on them and they’ll take you straight to our website. Some are in club and others are not!

Alligator E2E

Elephant 2 E2E

Giraffe with leaves E2E

Koala Bear E2E

Monkeys and Leaves E2E

Owls Damask E2E


So here’s the deal! I NEED everyone to comment below which of these Jungle E2E patterns you want to see on this Friday’s 5 dollar deal! I will put the one on  sale this Friday that gets the most votes! If you don’t comment the one you want, you may not get it!!! Ready, Set, GO!

Of course for your FREE printable this week your getting my cute nursery decor I designed for my sisters family member. We are printing all three of these off in 8.5×11 size to frame for her wall…way too cute!!!

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