$5 Friday: 4 Clamshells!

$5 Friday: 4 Clamshells!

Hopefully you got your Butterfly Simplified last week! We have something fun this week. Instead of just one pattern, you get 4! The Clamshells are fun to mix and match so you can’t use just one. Here are two examples of different ways to put the 4 we are giving you together:

The four patterns on sale for one week are the Clamshell Sm Feathers E2E, Clamshell Sm Crosshatch E2E, Clamshell Sm Circles E2E, and Clamshell Sm Tear Drop E2E.  Here are the links for them:


Masters Club Members received these patterns in January of 2015! We thought we would also give you this fun printable coloring page which shows you ALL of our awesome Clamshell patterns!

Janet Reichgut from www.janetslongarmquilting.com sent us some great examples for using our clamshells in different ways.

For this quilt, Janet put together our Clamshell Cloud Feathers Pearls E2E, and our Clamshell Cloud Scallops E2E. We would love for you to send us your fun ways you use these Clamshells. See you next Friday!

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