Masters Club Monday: Prismatic Star

If your a Masters Club member, you know that every month our members receive one entire quilt set along with many other patterns. This month our set is the absolutely gorgeous Prismatic Star by Judy Niemeyer! The best part about all of these sets is that many of the patterns can be used for other quilts.

Here are the patterns we designed for this quilt:

As you can see, the Waves and Pearls Tri, Prismatic Sm Dia, and even the Prismatic Corner Wonder fill frame can be used for so many other quilts. We have a section on our website that is dedicated to circles which would all fit nicely inside the frame. The Sm Dia Bud P2P would fit into any diagonal block.  We love when our customers think outside the box and use our patterns differently than what they were designed for! I will be posting some fun examples customers have sent me on our Facebook page this week, where they are doing exactly that! By the way, are you following us on Facebook? If not, click this link and “Like” our page so you can see all our customers quilts we showcase! Also, watch our quilts we showcase this week because they will give you a sneak peak of what this Fridays $5 deal will be!

I am also giving away an extra freebie today. I thought it would be nice to explore color and design when planning this quilt, so we are giving you a free PDF coloring page of the Prismatic Star quilt.  Just click on the image to download and print it.

For this weeks printable, I thought I would share something I made a while back to frame and put on our mantle. I needed my family to have a little reminder each day that there is always something to be grateful for, even on our darkest days!



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    • Yes. Just click on the image and a downloadable PDF will come up. There is a download button at the top right of the screen. Download it to your computer and you can use it how you want. I usually bring mine into Microsoft word and resize it to fit the frame I want it for. You can also send it to a place like Costco printing and they print beautifully!!


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