Masters Club Monday: Contempo Instructions

What if you could have one digitized pattern with endless possibilities? Well then keep reading! We’ve designed these Contempo patterns so that they could literally be used on many different quilt patterns. However, many have had questions on them and are a little confused. So today for Masters Club Monday we are giving you a 4 page PDF of detailed instructions for these patterns. For May Masters Club, we are including the other few Contempo designs we didn’t include last month so get to know them well! Click the link below the instructions to download the PDF to have on your computer.

A couple of the Contempo patterns are called “Contempo Cherry Blossoms”, which have these beautiful Cherry Blossom flowers in them. I don’t know about you guys, but I seriously struggle with remembering to get cards for things like birthdays and Mothers Day. Since Mothers Day is so soon I thought it would be fun to take the flower out of the Cherry Blossoms, watercolor them, and create a beautiful printable card for everyone. The background for these cards are something special too. I took the 60 degree triangle patterns for the Contempos and water colored them as well. These printable cards print onto an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock to fold right in half and make a standard size card that will fit any envelope. I am going to have to show you ours printed off on Friday with the fun diamond scrapbooking elements we added to them to help them really pop!

Just click on this image to get the PDF for both these cards!

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