Masters Club Monday: Vintage Rose

Masters Club Monday: Vintage Rose

The ever so popular “Vintage Rose” by Judy Niemeyer is included in this months Masters Club patterns to make a total of 53 patterns in the club! I thought it would be fun today to show you our layouts for your Masters Club Monday inspiration.

We have included two layout options in our PDF for club:

You can find the quilt pattern on her website here:

My kids went back to school today after a week of Spring Break! I enjoy having my kids home so much. I have a teenage daughter and I am learning every day to enjoy every moment with her. She is gone a lot and next year when she graduates I know I’m going to see her even less. Things aren’t always perfect but little by little I get better at enjoying every bit of time I have with these guys!  Sigh…I miss my kids already…


Don’t forget to give me suggestions for this Fridays $5 deal!

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  1. I LOVE this design for the Vintage Rose ! Thank you ! as far as $5 Friday, well, it is here for me, I just got back Yesterday from hosting a 5 day BUS trip to Missouri Star with 53 quilters on board…. so I am too late for suggestions. I hope someone else stepped up to the plate !

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