$5 Friday! Spring Flowers E2E 2014

We had a couple requests for this E2E to be our $5 Friday this week, so here you go! This is a perfect E2E for this time of year and is one of my favorites. The Bunny E2E is now regular price and you have one week to get the Spring Flowers E2E 2014 for only $5! Remember, if you have requests for $5 Friday please comment below. Happy Friday Everyone!

Click here to purchase this design:

6 responses

  1. I just accepted your invitation to follow Wasatch Quilting.
    I’d like to buy the $5 Friday Spring Flowers e2e pattern but I don’t know where to find it. When I tapped on the picture I was taken to a larger picture and when I tapped on the heading I was taken to another page and I didn’t see where I would purchase the pattern. Please help me find where I may purchase this pretty design. Thank you 😊

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  2. I would like to get Spring Flowers e2e pattern for $5. Very cute pattern , love to use it on my granddaughters quilt


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