Masters Club Monday: Aunt Grace’s Garden Party

Masters Club Monday: Aunt Grace’s Garden Party

It’s been raining here, a lot! I’m so tired of it I want to cry every time my kids come in with muddy shoes! I have been dying to begin planting my garden this year! I can’t do that yet with all this rain, but what I can do is show you guys something fun for Masters Club Monday about gardens! This is not a new quilt, but it’s one of my favorites, “Aunt Grace’s Garden Party” by Bloom Creek quilts is so fun! We did an entire set for this quilt last year, which you can view here . I am in desperate need of a spring table runner, so I thought I’d pull one of my favorite blocks from this quilt and make one! We already have patterns made for the basket block on this quilt, which is why I chose this particular block, however you could do a fun table runner like this with any basket blocks. We have many patterns that would fit other basket blocks.

Here is a link for the Aunt Grace’s Garden Party quilt set by Bloom Creek.

It’s time for me to start thinking about Easter baskets, so I had to make some cute printable tags for everyone to go on their Easter Baskets. We also have a neighbor tradition to leave an anonymous Easter treat on someone’s door who may need a little extra love. It’s fun to do things like this on other Holidays, not just Christmas!


Ok, one last announcement! We have decided to make every Friday, FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAY!! I’m pretty excited about this because my mom is letting me choose the pattern to put on sale every Friday! If you guys have any suggestions each week about a pattern you may want to see go on sale, please say so in the comments! The pattern will only be on sale until the next Friday. Look for this sign every Friday, and as you can guess, this Friday our Bunny E2E will be 5$!



3 responses

  1. $5 Friday woo hoo, fun. Might I suggest OZ E2E or Lady Bug E2E Simple or
    Spring flowers E2E 2014. heehee, sorry I got excited.


  2. Oh, I love the $5 Friday offer! Sooooo many fantastic patterns to choose from! It’s difficult to pick just a few, my want list is looooong! How about the simplified butterfly E2E…or the butterfly and cherry blossoms – I also like the Spring Flowers E2E that was suggested. I’m ready for spring!


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