Masters Club Monday: The Friendship Star

Masters Club Monday: The Friendship Star

So this week has been a tough one. By tough, I mean REALLY busy! I wouldn’t have made it through without the tender mercies of family and friends! Sometimes the simplest offer of help can mean everything, so this week for Masters Club Monday I decided to show off a Friendship Star Block that was part of October 2014 Masters Club. Good friends have been my saving grace, so here goes! Our Set contains 19 patterns that allows you to make many different variations of this block. I am just showing you examples of two here:

Here is the link to our set which is on sale right now for only 30$!!

Remember , if your a Masters Club member, you’ve received this set already, along with the fill patterns which were included in June of 2015.

I had to give my sweet friends a little gift, so I bought an adorable 5X7 frame and printed this weeks printable for them. They can take the printable out and use the frame for anything. You can download the PDF for the printable and resize the image in any program like Microsoft Word to get the size you need. Of course my printable design had to include our friendship star!

I wish Friendship Day was this week, but it’s not until August! I guess we will be prepared!

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  1. Oh…this friendship star set is fantastic! I make a lot of these as baby quilts so I’ll definitely be buying this set! Thanks so much for the wonderful patterns and inspiration!

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  2. Thank you so much Nancy for doing your Masters Club Monday! I really enjoy every Monday I get them I love your Friendship Star and plan to make one or more table runners using this pattern. I think it will make nice gifts. Thank you again for inspiring me!

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