Masters Club Monday: Clover Blocks

Masters Club Monday: Clover Blocks

I’ve been having too much fun finding blocks we love and adding our patterns to them. This week two clover blocks caught our attention, and since we had such a hard time deciding which one we liked better, you get both! Which makes today a daily double! Two blocks and two fun things to print.

This first one is a 3 leaf clover block I found .  This block is so fun with our  “Find the 4 Leaf Clover E2E” which is on sale right now as our March special! You can download the free PDF for this pattern here: clover quilt blockOur next block is a 4 leaf clover block that Diane Knott shared on the Craftsy Blog at
We have a line fill pattern called “Line Fill A P2P Sq On Pt W Motiff“. This pattern was designed as an odd shaped block for the Chained Melody quilt, and we liked it so much that we made it into a square block that you can use on any quilt. I really love how this pattern adds definition to the 4 leaf Clover Block.

Our house is void of St. Patrick’s day décor, unfortunately, so that’s my inspiration for this printable, which is designed with a Wasatch Quilting “4 leaf clover block“.   You can print this here: St Pattys Day Printable

My 10  year old told me we need to do more celebrating of this holiday (kind of sad on my part), so I’ve got a coloring page for them, and I may even make a green breakfast!
The coloring page is made every bit with Wasatch Quilting Patterns.  Even the Irish Claddagh ring, which goes with our Double Irish Chain with Claddagh Set.

What blocks do you want to see with our patterns for Masters Club Monday?

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  1. That 4-leaf clover block is adorable with that quilting pattern! Geez, now I want to make a St Patrick’s quilt! I’m going to have to get that quilting pattern, I can see using it on many other blocks as well! Thank you for the inspiration!

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