Masters Club Monday

Masters Club Monday

It’s time to begin our Masters Club Mondays. Every Monday we are going to show you a  fun block or quilt with some of our Masters Club Patterns on them. Since we live in Utah, and we are having serious Spring Fever with WAY too much snow, we thought we’d begin with a few spring designs.  We found a quilt that inspired us to use a Pinwheel Block this week. The quilt is called “Sunny All Around” by Chloe Anderson and Colleen Reale. You can view this quilt at:  We need a little more sunshine around here so even the name of this quilt made us happy!

Here is our PinWheel Block using our Wonder Fills , Circle Meander Border, and our Sakura Tri 12×7.

PinWheel Block

Since Spring is the theme, here is our free Spring Printable which can be printed as a 5×7 or 8×10.

Spring Printable

Can you see all of our patterns on this printable?? There are many!!

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