I Love You Deerly

I Love You Deerly

Our February Masters Club patterns were full of love. We got to enjoy our beautiful Labyrinth quilt patterns, as well as some new adorable E2E designs. My kids this year have been HUGE into adult coloring pages, so of course I had to design something for them to color for Valentines Day! We don’t really spend a whole lot of money in our house for this holiday. I guess we figure it’s more important to just be together. So tonight, we’re making our favorite meal, baking cupcakes, and coloring. I am also giving you our coloring page, just in case you have someone in your life that likes to color like we do…

Valentine Coloring Page

The patterns from this months club we used on this coloring page are:    Crosshatch Blk 3, Daisy 2017 E2E, Curls and Pearls 2017 E2E, and Hearts E2E 2017

  • crosshatch-blk-3-qtr-inch daisy-2017-e2e curls-and-pearls-2017-e2e hearts-e2e-2017

This year one of my goals is to redecorate my home. I have been stalking Farmhouse style on Pinterest. I’ve been pretty lucky because my mom has literally designed EVERYTHING! One of my favorite farmhouse style signs has been the “I Love You Deerly” quote. You can imagine my excitement when I found my mom had designed a beautiful Deer Antlers E2E!


I decided to design my own “I Love You Deerly” sign with her Antlers.  Our gift to you this Valentines Day is this printable sign. It will print in both 5×7 format and 8×10. It’s my favorite Valentines decoration in my home!

I love you deerly

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with LOTS of love!


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