Labyrinth Walk

Labyrinth Walk

After many requests for a digitized design set for the Labyrinth Walk quilt, also known as the Road to Jericho quilt set, we have finished!


My mom wanted to let everyone know of a little trick she learned when designing this quilt. After 5 tries with different patterns, she finally figured out that there was a simple solution to keeping the 3D look of this quilt. The solution was to slant the line fills in the same direction as the outline of the boxes (as shown below), and VOILA! The 3D look was finalized!


The full Labyrinth Walk  quilt set with a PDF for placement instructions are on our website at:

In honor of such a fun quilt also enjoy this free printable coloring page. We would love for anyone to send us pictures of their finished Labyrinth quilt!

Labyrinth Walk Coloring Page


2 responses

  1. I have been struggling with how to custom quilt this beautiful quilt. Your ideas on keeping the same perspective are awesome. I have pinned them for future reference. Thank you!


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