Birthdays and Cupcakes

Birthdays and Cupcakes

The January Masters Club patterns have been delivered! So many fun things to show off this month. The Colorado Log Cabin Quilt set is one of my favorites, and the Club Set comes with four different layout ideas that can be done with our patterns:

colorado-log-cabin-quilt-layout-4 colorado-log-cabin-quilt-layout-3 colorado-log-cabin-quilt-layout-2 colorado-log-cabin-quilt-layout-1

This month our family is celebrating several birthdays! As I was looking through our patterns I noticed my mom has never designed a birthday pattern. So, of course, I requested cupcakes! Which, if you haven’t guessed, is the reason she named the cupcake patterns “Allison’s Cupcakes“. Very original mom.

Here are the Motifs. Each image will take you to them on our website:
allisons-cupcake-motiff-cherry allisons-cupcake-motiff-heart allisons-cupcake-motiff-starallisons-cupcake-motiff-candy

There are actually 10 cupcake patterns which include Borders, Corners, Motifs, and E2E’s. These are all already available on the site.

I decided to get working on a birthday quilt.  I really love the Happy Birthday Quilt by Riley Blake.
In 2014 they designed this quilt, and did a “Block of the Month” each month to show you how to assemble the quilt. In July their Block of the Month was the Cupcake Block.  We are going to do a quilt to show you using just the cupcake block.  I’ve already downloaded the block PDF, and designed how I want it to look:

cupcakeblockThe background is our Allison’s Cupcake E2E, done by trimming the cupcake out. For the frosting, we will just quilt scalloped lines, with maybe a few more? What do you think? Lastly, the liner will just have straight lines. We will be showing off fun pictures once it’s finished!
By the way, the Riley Blake links above will provide you with the downloadable PDF patterns for their Happy Birthday quilt, along with all the different blocks they use.

And last, I had to make a birthday printable with my moms cupcake design!  I printed mine off and put it into a nice 5 x 7 frame for a friend. She can take out the printable and put her cute family in it. Click on the image to download:


We would love any suggestions for our cupcake quilt!

Thanks everyone!

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