New year, New beginnings!

New year, New beginnings!

2017 is here, and with it comes an opportunity to look back at lessons learned and create new beginnings! Maybe this year can be the start of many new adventures like more travel, learning a new language, or even going back to school. This year is no exception for us. We have so many new things coming your way. One of the most exciting is our new website that will be launched very soon! I am also going to be attending some new classes and conferences so that I can bring everyone the latest and greatest in the quilting world. I’m pretty excited to be learning new things! This is why I chose my moms “New Beginnings ” pattern to start off the new year.

While designing the “New Beginnings” pattern, she talked about why she gave it that name. I love a quote I once heard that says “Change is inevitable, but growth is optional”.  Change can be hard because it takes us out of our comfort zone. The only way to grow from change is to change our way of thinking. Look at challenges and see them as an opportunity to evolve. If she hadn’t done this years ago there would be no “Wasatch Quilting”. She could have faced the challenge ahead of her with fear, which would’ve held her back. Instead she took something she loved and went for it. She was motivated, not “afraid of the dark”, and put herself in a new and uncomfortable situation. That’s her reason for “New Beginnings”.

This is a Whole Cloth Quilt Layout for her New Beginnings set:

New Beginnings Whole cloth quilt layout

I also want to make more time for reading this year. Since that is one of my New Years goals, I designed these free printable bookmarks with the New Beginnings pattern along with some of my favorite quotes to keep me motivated. I printed mine onto cardstock and they turned out beautifully. Just click here:  new-years-bookmarks

New Years Bookmarks

Lastly, here is a free coloring page to help motivate you on your 2017 journeys. new-years-coloring-page

New Years Coloring Page

Stay tuned for some brand new January patterns, and some fun ways to make a table runner!

Happy 2017 everyone!

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    the New Beginnings link is not right. Also, is there going to be a masters club set for january? Hope you had a great new year celebration. Hugs to you and yours. Hoping for a great 2017.

    Have a Great Day! Barb Jolley MB Services, Longarm Quilting 847-542-1003



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