New Modern Reindeer 2016 and our new blogger

New Modern Reindeer 2016 and our new blogger

Yep, you read that title right! I’m Wasatch Quilting’s new blogger. My name is Ally and I’m going to be doing all the fun stuff for Wasatch Quilting from now on. Ok, all of this is fun, but I get to write about it. Oh, and it helps that I’m also Nancy’s daughter. Every time my mom designs a new pattern I get so excited to see them come to life on her quilts. I’m pretty lucky to have such a talented mother. She designs, then I show them off. How cool is that? However, I also have a little too much fun with her patterns turning them into coloring pages, tags, etc. Sorry about that.

My favorite pattern for Decembers club patterns is the Modern Reindeer. In fact, I loved it so much I talked her into turning the Modern Reindeer block into a hot pad so that I could give them as Christmas Neighbor gifts. So she did. I haven’t finished my hot pads yet, but I’m going to give you guys the instructions for them now so you can get started as well.

This is what the Modern Reindeer block looks like. I added a little fun binding to show you how cute it could be.

Modern Reindeer Hotpad Finished


The link for the instructions are found below this image:

Modern Reindeer Hot Pad

you can download and print these instructions here: modern-reindeer-hot-pad

Our Modern Reindeer 2016 Simple Set can be found on our website here:

Modern Reindeer Set PDF

I love this set. I think it’s my favorite this month. Included in this months Masters club PDF was instructions for a Block of the Month quilt by Marti Michell called,
“Christmas Spirit”. 

This is a variation of that quilt with the Modern Reindeer block:

Christmas Spirit Modern Reindeer.jpg

It wouldn’t be my style if I didn’t show off my moms patterns without something free. Especially if your going to make the hot pads for a gift, your going to need tags, right?

Here they are!

Modern Reindeer Gift Tags

The tags can be downloaded here:

Next week I will show off my finished hot pads. If you guys finish any we would love to see them. Just upload them on our Facebook page!

That’s it for now!

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