Masters Club Monday: Memorial Day

I absolutely LOVE Memorial Day! Such a beautiful way to pay tribute to those who gave their lives for the ideals we cherish. THANK YOU to those who have served our country! Today we want to show you some great patriotic patterns we have. First, did you know we have MANY FREE patriotic downloads on our website? For Quilts of Valor quilters, we have our 8 PTD Eagle Star Quilt Set for free download. We also have Fireworks E2E, Star Sash, USA Border, and much more. Check out this link to view all of our free patterns:

This month in club we released a few of our Windee Star Fills. Here is an example of the PDF for them in club:

I put together a fun patriotic quilt possibility with a Le Moyne Star Block

I don’t have our Windee Fills around every block, but you can see how cute this would be with it everywhere. The possibilities are endless. We are getting ready to release an entire set of Windee Fills that includes 64 different fills!

In honor of those who served I have taken our Le Moyne Star and created you a printable. These were both designed to print either a 5×5 or a 10×10.


Masters Club Monday: Born to be Wild!

So I’m helping my sister plan a Jungle themed baby shower for a family member of hers. As I was searching through our patterns to use for invitations and nursery decor, I realized, we have a TON of cute jungle themed designs! This pretty much got me “wild” with excitement to search for Jungle themed crib quilts. Jungle quilts are adorable and I found some free quilt PDF’s on Riley Blakes website, like “Life in the Jungle”.

Whether it’s a little Tarzan or Jane on the way, we have the E2E pattern for you! If your wondering about which months club these patterns were in just click on them and they’ll take you straight to our website. Some are in club and others are not!

Alligator E2E

Elephant 2 E2E

Giraffe with leaves E2E

Koala Bear E2E

Monkeys and Leaves E2E

Owls Damask E2E


So here’s the deal! I NEED everyone to comment below which of these Jungle E2E patterns you want to see on this Friday’s 5 dollar deal! I will put the one on  sale this Friday that gets the most votes! If you don’t comment the one you want, you may not get it!!! Ready, Set, GO!

Of course for your FREE printable this week your getting my cute nursery decor I designed for my sisters family member. We are printing all three of these off in 8.5×11 size to frame for her wall…way too cute!!!

$5 Friday: Mothers Day!

I am so grateful that we have this one day a year to celebrate and honor the women who raised us. Today we need to say “Thanks”, because the position of being a Mom isn’t an easy one. It’s difficult, demanding, exasperating and exhausting and — surprise! — those who mother us take it on willingly.  Being a mother can’t even be described in the dictionary and is the hardest job in the world! Our mothers are selfless, dedicated, and deserve to be spoiled today. Happy Mothers day to my very special mom, Nancy Haacke, who is the most amazing mom, grandma, wife, designer, and so many other roles. All moms take on many roles!

Because of our special mothers we are giving you two $5 deals! May is also graduation month so our two deals are our Graduation E2E and the Forget Me Knot E2E! I thought is would be fun to look up the meaning of the “Forget me not” flower, and it happens to go PERFECTLY with our mothers. Here are a few of the things I learned the Forget me not symbolizes:

  • A connection that lasts through time
  • Fidelity and loyalty in a relationship, despite separation or other challenges
  • Reminders of your favorite memories or time together with another person
  • Growing affection between two people
  • Helping patients with Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Caring for the poor, disabled, and needy

The Germans coined the name used for this flower.  There’s a myth of two lovers walking along the Danube River first seeing the bright blue blossoms. The man retrieved the flowers for the woman, but he was swept away by the river and told her not to forget him as he floated away. Whether the story is true or not, it’s certainly made the Forget Me Not a lasting symbol of remembrance. Today let us all remember every mom, whether still here with us or not, with honor, respect, and love forever.

Of course our Free Printables are beautiful Mothers Day quotes for you to use as cards or a gift in a frame. Happy Mothers Day!


Here are the links for our $5 deals. The Forge me Knot E2E was included in May, 2012 Masters Club, and the Graduation E2E was included in March, 2015 Masters Club.

Masters Club Monday: May Club Patterns and Unicorns!

Masters Club Monday: May Club Patterns and Unicorns!

May! One of my favorite months for so many reasons. May flowers, school ends, summer is here and so is Mothers Day!! Our May Masters Club patterns were released on Saturday, and there are some gorgeous designs that reflect all of these things we celebrate this month. Last month we designed our new Contempo E2E patterns and gave 10 of them in club. For May, we are giving you the other 5 of them. Our PDF this month has some AWESOME layout ideas with the Contempos. We have decided for Masters Club Monday to show you a few of the pages that are included in the PDF this month. These PDF’s are a HUGE reason our members love club. They include pages of the individual patterns, layout ideas and instructions, instructions for the months entire quilt set, and so much more! You can click on each one of these images below for a larger view.

There are two quilt sets in club this month. Prismatic Star by Judy Niemeyer, and Peppermint Pizzazz by Christine N. Brown.

One of our customers requested our new Unicorn E2E for a darling little girls quilt she was designing. Since Unicorns are all the rage right now, I thought I would make you a couple printable’s with our Unicorn Motiff. You can print the birthday one for a little girls birthday card or party invite, and the other could be a cute sign for a bedroom.

A few of you have asked for some instructions on how to print and use the printable’s we give away. Here are some steps. There are actually multiple ways you can use these. This is just one of the many.

  1. 1. Click on the image you want and a PDF screen should come up
    2. On the PDF screen, in the top right corner, click the arrow pointing down to download the PDF to your computer
    3. Once downloaded it should appear in your “downloads” folder on your computer
    4. If you have Microsoft Publisher, you can open the PDF and save it as a JPG in there.
    5. You can also just click the printer Icon from the PDF page instead of creating a JPG.
    6. I like to print mine onto cardstock, or send the PDF or JPG to places like Walmart printing online or Costco.
    7. If you open them in Publisher, you can use them as a cover to the front of a card, or many of the other templates that are built into Publisher.
  2. Just FYI, our printable’s are designed so you can resize them as big or little as you want. When you upload them to online printing companies like Costco, you have the option to choose which size you need. Most card sizes that will fit into a standard size envelope are 5×7. If anyone has any questions please feel free to use the contact form on this blog to email me!
  3. I hope our Masters Club members enjoy our patterns this month. Watch out for a special “Mothers Day” blog post coming in the next few days! Enjoy!

$5 Friday: 4 Clamshells!

$5 Friday: 4 Clamshells!

Hopefully you got your Butterfly Simplified last week! We have something fun this week. Instead of just one pattern, you get 4! The Clamshells are fun to mix and match so you can’t use just one. Here are two examples of different ways to put the 4 we are giving you together:

The four patterns on sale for one week are the Clamshell Sm Feathers E2E, Clamshell Sm Crosshatch E2E, Clamshell Sm Circles E2E, and Clamshell Sm Tear Drop E2E.  Here are the links for them:

Masters Club Members received these patterns in January of 2015! We thought we would also give you this fun printable coloring page which shows you ALL of our awesome Clamshell patterns!

Janet Reichgut from sent us some great examples for using our clamshells in different ways.

For this quilt, Janet put together our Clamshell Cloud Feathers Pearls E2E, and our Clamshell Cloud Scallops E2E. We would love for you to send us your fun ways you use these Clamshells. See you next Friday!

Masters Club Monday: Prismatic Star

If your a Masters Club member, you know that every month our members receive one entire quilt set along with many other patterns. This month our set is the absolutely gorgeous Prismatic Star by Judy Niemeyer! The best part about all of these sets is that many of the patterns can be used for other quilts.

Here are the patterns we designed for this quilt:

As you can see, the Waves and Pearls Tri, Prismatic Sm Dia, and even the Prismatic Corner Wonder fill frame can be used for so many other quilts. We have a section on our website that is dedicated to circles which would all fit nicely inside the frame. The Sm Dia Bud P2P would fit into any diagonal block.  We love when our customers think outside the box and use our patterns differently than what they were designed for! I will be posting some fun examples customers have sent me on our Facebook page this week, where they are doing exactly that! By the way, are you following us on Facebook? If not, click this link and “Like” our page so you can see all our customers quilts we showcase! Also, watch our quilts we showcase this week because they will give you a sneak peak of what this Fridays $5 deal will be!

I am also giving away an extra freebie today. I thought it would be nice to explore color and design when planning this quilt, so we are giving you a free PDF coloring page of the Prismatic Star quilt.  Just click on the image to download and print it.

For this weeks printable, I thought I would share something I made a while back to frame and put on our mantle. I needed my family to have a little reminder each day that there is always something to be grateful for, even on our darkest days!