Masters Club Monday: Masquerade Party

This months club included patterns for the Masquerade Quilt by Carla Klop. The Masquerade masks for this quilt were so fun to design. There are designs for two different layouts.

We love the look of our Wonder Fills and our Bubble Fills in this quilt. Did you know we have both of these fills as sets available on the website? Fills are a great patterns for use in spaces needed on a quilt! So far we have designed sets for Wonder Fills, Bubble Fills, Windee Fills, and many more are coming!  The Bubble Fill Set is NOT included in any Masters Club!  Here are the two pages of our Bubble Fills Set.  This set has 49 patterns that can be used to fill around shapes or blocks that you want highlight. The bubbles in this set are all between 1/4 and 1/2 inch in diameter these are blocks not P2P’s.

ALL of our Fill sets are available as a set, but also individually!

Last but not least, our Free Printable. I decided to design a Masquerade party printable invitation that you can fill out the details of! I’m sure you have someone in your life you’d like to throw a Masquerade Birthday party for right? I do! That’s why I made these!

These are designed to print as a 5×7 invitation. I sent my to Costco and had them printed onto nice card stock, then filled them out with a calligraphy pen. Can you see our Wonder Fill Masquerade Mask in the invitation? Enjoy!

Masters Club Monday: July Club Patterns

As always, at the beginning of every month we release our new club patterns and then show them off on the blog! This month, Masters Club members received 61 new patterns, including new designs for the adorable Masquerade Quilt by Carla Klop! You can get the piecing pattern at Here are a few pages from this months PDF file that comes with the club every month!

By the way, did you know that if your a Masters Club member, you can purchase ANY of our past Masters Club ENTIRE sets for just $25!! Just one of the many benefits of being a member with us!

Now of course it’s time for my printable. We are music lovers in our home. We have to have music playing with everything we do. When I saw my moms Music E2E, I knew I had to do something with it. So, here you go! This can be printed in any size for a fun addition to any teenagers room, music room, above a piano, the list goes on!

$5 Friday: Bugs!

Sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows the other night was fun, but we could NOT get the bugs to stay away! Of course all of you benefit from my pain, because this is my inspiration for this weeks $5 deal! One of our cutest designs, the Bugs E2E is a great addition to your design collection, and these cute little guys won’t bite!

Get the deal here:

Masters Club Monday: Storm at Sea

I mentioned to everyone I’ve been on a beach for the last little while. Summer is for beaches, and also remodeling your house, right? I am remodeling my kids bathroom and the beach inspired me. It also inspired me for Masters Club Monday today! Since July club patterns aren’t released yet, I’ve decided to show off a past club set which I’m in love with, our “Storm at Sea” set.  We also have three adorable Motiffs that I used in our free printable gift today. I am using these printables on the wall of my  kids bathroom!

I am giving you these images of the Storm at Sea outline as well as the layout with our patterns, which you can print and color:

Our Storm at Sea set is included in April 2015 Masters Club. If you are a member you can get this set for the $25.00 price, along with the whole month. If you are not a member, there are 24 patterns in this set, and the set price is only $60.00!!

Find it here:

By the way, just in case you were wondering, and I know you were, July Masters Club patterns WILL be released this week!

$5 Friday: Americana E2E 2015

I first have to apologize to all our readers and members! I have been on a family vacation for 10 days. My original plan was to bring my computer and continue all our blog posts while I was there. However, for some reason we could not get good service the entire time! Since I have neglected everyone, and because the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, I am giving you TWO $5 Fridays for the next week!

The Americana E2E 2015 and the American Stars and Stripes E2E are both great patterns for your Americana quilts!

You can get them both by clicking these links:

I am also excited to give you a fun printable that has a few of our patterns in it! These are cupcake toppers, which I will be using for our 4th of July family barbecue! Just click on the image, print them off, and cut! Stick them on a stick and then voila! You have adorable cupcakes!

See you all on Masters Club Monday!