$5 Friday: Celtic E2E

The Celtic Knot is a graphic Irish Symbol which is used and incorporated into everything from gravestones and Celtic crosses to metalwork and tattoos.  It’s a great way for us to celebrate the upcoming St Patrick’s Day holiday, as well as a beautiful  edge to edge for really any quilt!


$5 Friday

A new fun coloring page, using the Celtic E2E,  has also been added for your March Madness! Check out our coloring pages on the blog to download this for your fun this month!

St Pattys Day Coloring Page

Heading to the new CUT SHOP is this adorable “Lucky Charm” design. This will include the boot as an applique!

St Pattys Day SVGSt Pattys Day T Shirt SVG

Our Masters Club Page has been updated to show February designs. February Masters Club has to be one of my favorites! Our NEW  designs that allow you to design your own blocks unleashes your creativity as a quilt designer! Head over to our Masters Club page to see what I mean!

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